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reading, acupuncture, berkshire, fertility, infertility

Traditional acupuncture's greatest strength is that it treats each patient individually. It focuses on all factors that contribute to disease, not just the presenting symptoms. Consequently, traditional acupuncture does not neatly fit the prevalent research protocols that have been developed in response to symptom-based treatments.

Although traditional acupuncture has been studied, tested and refined for centuries in China, huge databases of research remain largely inaccessible outside the Far East and some western commentators question their credibility. But as new research begins to provide quantifiable evidence of traditional acupuncture's efficacy and cost-effectiveness the body of evidence available internationally is growing rapidly.

For further reading the British Acupuncture Council has summarised research in the following conditions, please click the one you require information on:

acupuncture, reading, berkshire, chinese medicine, fertility, gynaecology
reading, acupuncture, berkshire, fertility, infertility